Thursday, July 31, 2008

Types of Hemroids or Hemorrhoids

There are basically four types of hemroids that is internal, external, prolapsed and bleeding hemorrhoids.

Internal hemorrhoids
occur inside the anus and rectum, from where they can cause a lot of uneasiness and inflammation.

External hemroids appear on the outside of the anus, especially around the anal opening. They too can cause a lot of discomfort because of constant friction with clothes, etc.

Prolapsed hemroids basically represent a later stage in the development cycle of internal hemroids. When the latter become too bulky due to clogging of the veins with blood they begin to sag and consequently protrude from the anus.

Bleeding hemroids are also a more severe form or stage of internal hemorrhoids characterized by profuse bleeding.

How can hemroids be treated?

There are several methods of treating hemorrhoids and they include temporary remedies as well as longer lasting ones. The common ones are:

Band Ligation

This method of treating hemorrhoids involves blocking the flow of blood to the excessive growth or lump using a rubber band. Your medical practitioner will show you how.

Injection Therapy

This method involves injecting the affected area with hardening agents which stop circulation and reduce the size of the hemroids. It is good for treating multiple hemorrhoids.


This method is recommended for treating small hemorrhoids. It involves using electric current or infrared light to burn off the hemorrhoids. With continuous treatment hemorrhoids shrink and finally disappear.

Hemorroids surgery

A surgical operation is used to remove the hemorrhoids while the patient is under anesthesia.

Creams and other medical products

There are a number of creams and other medications available on the market for the treatment of hemorrhoids. Your medical practitioner will guide you accordingly regarding which ones are best for your type of hemroids.