Friday, June 6, 2008

Relieving Hemroids through Natural Remedies

Natural herbal remedies occupy an important role in Alleviating Hemroids. There are many natural treatment & remedies available which are very natural and not so ruthless than the conventional medical treatment and can provide relief from Hemorrhoids.

Cranberry poultice preparation- If you want to achieve fast relief from Hemorrhoids,cranberry poultice is the most suitable research. To prepare the cranberry poultice you have to take four teaspoonfuls of cranberries and mingle it in a mixer. After merger enfold this powder along with cheese and push it into the anus for the next one hour. This will facilitate a patient to get rid from Hemorrhoids cure.

Use onions and garlic
Using onions and garlic is another natural way to treat Hemorrhoids.. The onions and garlicgarlic or of the onion and insert it into the rectum. Next day in morning the used garlic/onion will be pushed out along with fecal matter. also minimize swelling The process to use the onions and garlic is very easy, you just have to remove the outer coverof the Patients who are suffering from bleeding hemorrhoids would not allow using this method.

Use the mixture of germanium and almond oil

To use this natural method, we have to mix the correct ratio of these two oils. After combining systematically, apply it all the affected areas around the anus. This will assist in slaughtering the microbes and keeps the areas cool.

Ice Pack

This pack can be easily prepared at home and it is one of the best way to get rid of hemroid.For this pack we collect some small ice piece in a bag and then apply the bag on all affected areas. Repeat this process at least 15 minutes and see quick results.

Lemon Juice

This juice helps in increasing the blood vessels and also the capillary tubes. We just have to separate the whole lemon into four parts without removing the skin. Then transfer half liter of water into a pot and boil it with the lemon for 15 minutes. Let it to freezing and drink this mixture as and when required.

So you can take the benefit of these natural remedies easily at home and alleviate the effects of Hemorrhoids to get some quick relief. These natural methods do not have side effects and are safe compared to medical drugs.


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